Fabian Melber is a documentary photographer based in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany. In his work, he focuses on social and political conflicts, human conditions within, as well as the structures of society itself.

He studied Political Science, Political Economy and Gender Studies at the University of Marburg, as well as photojournalism and documentary photography in Hanover.

He works for international NGOs such as Sea-Watch, Amnesty International and MsF (Doctors Without Borders). His works have been published in numerous outlets as Die Zeit, STERN, SPIEGEL, The Guardian and Tagesschau.

Clients / Publications

DER SPIEGEL, Stern, Die ZEIT, The Guardian, Tagesschau, JWD, Vice Magazin, taz, Goethe-Institut, Sea-Watch, Greenpeace, MSF, Amnesty International

Awards & Exhibitions

2017 - Felix Schoeller Photo Award | Nominee | 24 Miles
2018 - Exhibition “Deadcalm” | Fusion Festival | 24 Miles
2019 - Niedersächsischer Inklusionspreis | Partner auf Zeit
2019 - Felix Schoeller Photo Award | Shortlist | Partner auf Zeit


(+49) 178 712 402 5


Fabian Melber | Sea-Watch e.V. | Am Veringhof 8 | 21107 Hamburg

Photo: Lêmrich

Photo: Lêmrich